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Executive producer: Ana Cristina Henríquez

The basin of the Caura river in Venezuela, privileged for the great richness of its wildlife, lies across the shield of Guayana, its rocks, which are the oldest on the planet, characterize it.

This tropical river basin, at the same time, both fascinating and fragile, processes an abundance of fish and river vegetation in comparison to other tributaries of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. Its extraordinary biological diversity has been attributed to a combination of the time worn rocky landscape and the careful managing and high esteem shown by the ethnic ye'kwana for the natural resources of the region

Thanks to their extraordinary skills as builders and navigators the ye'kwana (meaning people in the water with a tree trunk), have succeeded in conserving, defending and demarking their extensive territory along the Caura river basin.

Along the whole length of its course, from its head in the high plateau of Jaua Sarisarinanmas, until its outlet in the Orinoco River, the topography of the riverbed is subject to many changes in the level of the earth's surface creating numerous rapids, cataracts and streams. These riverbank ecosystems, are subject to a dynamic fast flowing river and a constantly changing vegetation, they are of great biological value and in addition provide spectacular scenery.

This abundance of life currently under threat from the activities of the mining industry, which has polluted the river, the wildlife and the people with mercury, in the same way the poaching of fish and the exploitation of kilometers of rainforest full of fine timber are putting at risk the biodiversity of this important tropical South American river basin.

We hope that the broadcast of this material will bring the publics attention to this alarming situation.

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