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Throughout the entire planet and its gaseous sheath, the biosphere is a very thin layer that contains every living element that inhabits the Earth. The occupants of the biosphere constitute part of a vast variety of environments that form a mosaic over the Earth's crust.

Almost all of these environments have been interfered with to a greater or lesser degree by human beings. Many have been so interfered with that the same human beings are now attempting to preserve something of the original state of these habitats, becoming conscious of the fact that to guarantee preservation is not only to save the animal and plant life, but to maintain the relationships and structures that make up the living body of a specific environment.

The biosphere reserve on the Orinoco Delta, which forms part of an extensive worldwide network that includes 325 reserves in more than 80 countries, seeks to guard the structure of these highly diverse environments, expressed in the hundreds and thousands of living species that abide within them.

The biological diversity of the delta (the seventh largest in the world), houses 200 species of plant life, 356 species of birds, 213 different kinds of reptiles and amphibians, along with a great number of emblematic species such as the River Dolphin, the Manatí, the Jaguar and the Arpía eagle. This richness of wildlife is being threatened due to the changes in river tides, land drainage in order to make land fit for crop cultivation or cattle ranching, the use of agrochemicals, the commercialization of wild animals and oil spills.

The presence and diligence of the ethnic Warao people during the last 9,000 years has been the factor that has most sustained equilibrium in this zone, in sharp contrast to the conditions that exist today, where the rush to produce in excess in order to commercialize natural resources endangers the stability of the ecological system of the Orinoco Delta, the third most important waterway in the world.

Navigate with us through this living body that unites the knowledge of the past with the hope of the future.

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