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Ana Cristina Henríquez

Ana Cristina Henriquez is a qualified international Audiovisual Producer and Script Editor for non-fiction and dramatic programs with a master’s degree in Film and Television from University of Southern California, USC. Some of her award-winning non-fiction films include "Deep into Canaima" and "Freshwater lands", screened at the United Nations. ​She has been director and writer for​ natural world television series programs such as "Travelling with Polar", "Expedition", "Jaguar" and "Autana". As winner of Fonds Sud Programme, she produced, directed and wrote the award winning feature film "Full moon", France/Venezuela coproduction. Some of her executive production work include "Wild Chronicles", for National Geographic Television and BBC´s "Serious Explorers" and "Dark". Filmography.

As Script Editor, Ana Cristina Henriquez has successfully coached more than 100 film and television projects for clients such as National Film Board, CNAC (Venezuela), RCTV (Venezuela), Televisa (Mexico), Ars Media (Spain) and CIC Media (United States), among others.

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Antolín Sánchez

Caracas, 1958. Graduated at Universidad Central de Venezuela (School of Journalism), works as photographer and DP for film and video. Sánchez initiated his photographic activity in 1974. He won the Venezuelan National Prize of Photography in 2000. This prize is the most important recognition that is granted in Venezuela for this discipline.
From 1988, Sanchez worked in video and TV as director and director of photography. Between 1990 and 2010, he did corporate videos and TV programs for companies such as GENERAL MOTORS, SIEMENS, PDVSA and dozens of other important Venezuelan companies and institutions. Also, Sánchez has been DP for broadcast TV, including some HBO-LA special programs (2001-1998) and A&E Mundo programs. DP for more than 120 venezuelan music groups and soloists video clips.

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